remembering mom

october 8, 1940Dear Seeking Sister,

Today is/was my mom’s birthday. She was born on October 8, 1940. It was a Tuesday. She was born to an uneducated, alcoholic, and economically disadvantaged family in central New York. She was the youngest of 6 children. I tell you this only because growing up, I often forgot about how she grew up. I was an angry, mean teen who both hated and feared my mother.

I know this will be an odd transition, but if I had been around during the Old Testament times, God would have likely frightened and angered me beyond consoling. Sadly, I would not have been able to know in my heart that it was the grandness of His nature, not the ease of His anger, that produced my fear.

I am in NO WAY comparing my mother to God. I am comparing my youthful ignorance to my maturing knowledge of the both of them. It is only through the both of them that I can attribute the complexities of my face, my feelings, and even as I type this the fact they are both responsible for each breath I take.

Has remembering a loved one ever given you an epiphany?

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