day of reckoning

Dear Seeking Sister,

Exactly 10 years ago on this very day (see my personal testimony), I made the decision to trust God and believe the man they call, Jesus the Christ. My serious doubts didn’t magically disappear. I asked tough questions. To be honest, I was kind of hoping I could find proof God and His love I heard so much about didn’t exist. I had a chip on my shoulder of sorts and I was angry. It feels weird to say it (write it) now, but I wanted to call God out!

forest pathI chose faith, even as little as I had, I held onto it while continuing to seek knowledge. I found so much more. My hardened heart began to soften as I started to see other human beings as Christ sees them. I began to see the world as God sees it. The worldview can seem sad and silly when looking through a lens of pure love.

A decade ago the journey began. It has been a wonderful, insightful walk where my over analytic mind learns something new every day. My hope grows with every humbling, maturing moment. I have a Heavenly Father who loves me and is so very patient with me. He brings me through storms when the seas of my mind are waging war with my flesh (selfishness, pride, hate, greed, drunkenness, lust, dishonesty). He is the kind of Father we all want – one who is gentle, teaching with patience. He is uncompromising and unwavering which fills me with such a sense of security. He’s always there and wanting to spend time with me. His love has been proven time and time again to be real. I don’t need to test Him anymore – His love is real and I know I can anchor myself to it.

Right now, I am learning about the existence of the spiritual world and the strategies used in spiritual battles. There is a battle for my soul and while on this earth and in this human body, I have free will to choose who wins the battle. I thank Jesus Christ daily for what He did for my salvation. I no longer spend my days imprisoned by my sin and struggling to disprove His existence, now I find myself with a sense of freedom and try very hard to thank Him for all He has done and continues to do in my life, my everlasting life.

In His Grip – always and in all ways!

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