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remembering mom

october 8, 1940Dear Seeking Sister,

Today is/was my mom’s birthday. She was born on October 8, 1940. It was a Tuesday. She was born to an uneducated, alcoholic, and economically disadvantaged family in central New York. She was the youngest of 6 children. I tell you this only because growing up, I often forgot about how she grew up. I was an angry, mean teen who both hated and feared my mother.

I know this will be an odd transition, but if I had been around during the Old Testament times, God would have likely frightened and angered me beyond consoling. Sadly, I would not have been able to know in my heart that it was the grandness of His nature, not the ease of His anger, that produced my fear. Continue reading remembering mom

In the Garden

Seeking Sisters:

The most important person in my life growing up was my grandmother.  My love for her can’t be understood by anyone other than my Heavenly Father.   Based on some of her actions when I was very young, I realize she knew exactly how important she was to me.  God truly blessed me with her.

Her favorite hymn was, IN THE GARDEN, by Charles A Miles written in 1913.  The words are so beautiful and I didn’t come to appreciate them until after she was gone.   I also had no idea it was based on John 20:15-16. Continue reading In the Garden