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remembering mom

october 8, 1940Dear Seeking Sister,

Today is/was my mom’s birthday. She was born on October 8, 1940. It was a Tuesday. She was born to an uneducated, alcoholic, and economically disadvantaged family in central New York. She was the youngest of 6 children. I tell you this only because growing up, I often forgot about how she grew up. I was an angry, mean teen who both hated and feared my mother.

I know this will be an odd transition, but if I had been around during the Old Testament times, God would have likely frightened and angered me beyond consoling. Sadly, I would not have been able to know in my heart that it was the grandness of His nature, not the ease of His anger, that produced my fear. Continue reading remembering mom

Healthy Snack Bar Recipe

I am addicted to the goop blog (   I came across a healthy recipe on the goop website that I must share with you.   In theory granola-type snack bars are supposed to be good for you, but the kind you buy in the store have too many artificial chemicals and unnecessary preservatives.

The nice thing about this recipe is you can swap out any of the top 4 ingredients listed for something similar in texture and value.   Continue reading Healthy Snack Bar Recipe

Father Father Poem

Father Father PoemFather Father Poem

Father Father I come as I am.

Father Father how do I follow your plan; how do I follow your plan as I am?

Father Father I don’t feel I belong; Father Father where did I go wrong?

Father Father whisper in my ear; Father Father tell me what I need to hear.

Father Father it’s your will; it is your will that I want to fulfill.

Father Father sometimes my faith feels so weak; Father Father I need to hear you speak.

Father Father is there anything to fear; as long as I stay near?

Father Father whisper in my ear; Father Father tell me what I need to hear.

by Tammy McDaniel 


Dear Seeking Sister,

I wrote that poem on September 28, 2014 during my morning drive to work.  I was talking  Continue reading Father Father Poem

I am moving forward

Day 7 of 30 – Our True Identity Challenge

Dear Seeking Sister,

I am Moving Forward.

Today we learn that part of our true identity is that as Christians we “move forward”.  There are dozens of teachings that could be created while studying Philippians 3:13, but the Holy Spirit is laying on my heart that moving forward means that we continue to grow and mature as Christians.  We don’t look back at past behaviors or accomplishments or even sin; but rather we ‘reach forward’.  We grab hold of Christ and remain in His grip for the remainder of our ride.   Our life is a gift of pure Grace, but to test this reality we must take hold of the promise of the future (“and reaching forward to those things which are ahead,” Phil 3:13).

Personal Growth

What happens when we are not living out our true identity and not moving forward?  I have learned from my own personal journey that Continue reading I am moving forward

I am purposeful

Day 6 of 30 – Our True Identity Challenge

Dear Seeking Sister,

I am purposeful.

Let’s look at some purposeful synonyms:  Focused, determined, decisive, resolute, firm, fixed, and persistent.

Do you feel purposeful?  I have to admit, I don’t always, but when I do, I can relate to all of those synonyms.

As a Christian, there are many things that you can rely on as Truth.  God having a purpose or even purposes for your earthly life is one of those truths.

Every day we are the hands and feet of God.  He has a purpose for you in every day life.  Stay present to God at all times.  Stay present for all of your blessings, but also stay Continue reading I am purposeful