The Sin Poem

poetry word cloudDear Seeking Sister,

Here is a poem I created one morning while pleading for forgiveness for my drunkenness the night before.  I was talking to God requesting that He simply take my desire for alcohol away.  I knew He could do this for me, so as we talked the following poem is what I recorded of that conversation.


I hope you enjoy it.  I’d love to hear/read your thoughts about it.

In His Grip,


The Sin Poem  (by Tammy McDaniel)

— Take this sinful desire from me.

 God:  No.

 — Why?

 God:  Why should I?

 — I don’t want it and it is making me habitually sin?

 God:  What is sin?

 — You know what sin is!

 God:  I do.  What do you know sin is?

 — It is doing something against Your Will.

 God:  Yes, but what else is it?

 — Being separated from You.

 God:  Yes, again you are correct, but what have you learned about ‘what sin is’?

 — Sin is our way to supplement the limits of Your goodness.

 God:  I have no limits.

 — I just mean sin is our human attempt to increase happiness beyond what you’ve provided.

 God:  OK, so back to your original question.  Are you telling me I am not good enough for you?

 — No, of course not. I just need you to take away my desire to sin.  Then I won’t sin.

 God:  Why should I take your desire away?

 — So that I no longer sin.

 God:  So you are telling me that I am not good enough for you.

 — No, stop saying that!  You are good enough you are all that I need.

 God:  Hmmmm.

 — Well

 God:  Turn your eyes upon me, child.  If they are on me, they are not on your sinful desire.

 — That sounds easy enough, but it isn’t that easy.

 God:  Why isn’t it?  Am I not good enough?  Am I not “all that you need” as you stated?


 God:  Where did you go?


  God:  Where did you go?


  God:  Weeps.

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